Due to our modern eating trends we are finding ourselves with more and more allergies.

All of my pastries are gluten-free, but why... Am I personally gluten intolerant?


No I am not. But after extensive research and a situation where I found myself needing to create gluten-fee recipes I found out that there isn't much professional documentation on the subject.

It is easy to find 5 blogs of people ready to take 5€ in exchange for their top 5 gluten free flours, but is that really going to help you?

What I have developed is a series of rules that can be used across a number of situations in order to use your favourite old recipes.

Rather than using 'gluten-free flour premixes' I prefer to use the raw flour.

With my idea of how pastry should be, I will never use margarine to replace butter, neither vegetable based products to replace whipping cream. That being said, this creates a large challenge to adapt existing recipes to lactose-free ones.

There are three main aspects that are for me the most important when making and creating pastries:

- The look

After all we taste with our eyes!

- The textures

Even though a pastry might be both gluten and lactose-free we should still have interesting and pleasing textures.

- The flavours

I prefer to keep things simple and go for no more than 3 different flavours in a given product. The majority of the time I prefer only 2.

For me the most important thing when creating and enjoying any pastry is that there should be pleasure.

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