After moving to France to chase my pastry dreams, I secured a position as an international pastry teacher at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP), Yssingeaux, an Alain Ducasse Education establishment.


During my time at ENSP, I was able to meet some amazing chefs, to see and learn the latest techniques, and pursue my goal of excellence. I also had the opportunity to represent Australia in the Asian Pastry Cup, winning “Best Chocolate Entremets”, giving the team overall 3rd place. I also won first place in the “Mains d’Or” for my “Star Wars” themed chocolate showpiece in Thones, France.


My 4.5 years teaching experience has gave me the pedagogical skills to explain and guide others with the knowledge that was acquired.

After a two year experience opening a gluten-free pastry shop in Casablanca, Morocco, I found a new direction in my pastry. Not only making gluten-free pastry, but to better understand to way we use ingredients and creating recipes from scratch.


The goal of all of this is not uniquely to create a lighter product, but to enable an even balance of flavours and textures, as you would find in any normal pastry. By using different thickeners and gels to rethink which ingredients we use and to push the boundaries of what we already know.

My pastry quest is constantly evolving, with my current research taking me into lactose-free and various vegan products.

No matter what kinds of pastries we make, the main goal should be pleasure. Above all the products should have interesting textures and a balanced flavour profile.

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